Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday in the Year for Priests

The Cross is the most scholarly book we can read. Those who do not know this book are ignorant, even if they happen to know all the other books. There are no true scholars except those who love the Cross, consult it, understand it. Bitter as this book may be, we are never happier than when we drown ourselves in this bitterness. The more we follow its teaching, the more we want to go on. Here time passes quickly. We know everything we want to know, and we are never satisfied... We should run after the Cross
the way a miser runs after money. It is consoling to suffer for the love of God. We must ask for a love of crosses. Are we not made in the form of a cross?
St. John Vianney-The Cure of Ars

The Holy Season of Lent begins in 17 Days

Peace be with you!

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