Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday in the Year for Priests

Father Vianney was not content to speak and to preach, he wanted to give good example. And he wanted to do even more. He wanted to deliver himself up to God's wrath, and to offer to heaven astonishing exchanges, first of all his own mortifications, fasts, penances, and sufferings, in return for the salvation of his parish.

To begin with, he prayed. And he prayed so well that his mental prayer was an act in the fullest sense of the word. There was already a feeling abroad that he was mounting guard for the village entrusted to his care. He got up long before dawn, and crossed the cemetery between the rectory and the church, lantern in hand. He would prostrate himself before the altar and pray aloud: "My God, grant me the conversion of my parish, I am willing to suffer everything You want as long as I live!" Then he would weep.

At daybreak he was still there...
From the Remarkable Cure of Ars by Michel de Saint Pierre

St. John  Vianney's body is incorrupt

Peace be with you!

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