Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stained Glass Flowers-Little Accounts of the Miraculous


On the eve of the feast of St. Sebastian, the first year in which I was prioress at the Incarnation, at the beginning of the Salve Regina, I saw the Mother of God descend with a great multitude of angels and sit in the prioress's choir stall where there was a statue of our Lady. In my opinion I didn't then see the statue but our Lady herself. It seemed to me she looked something like she does in the painting the countess gave me; although the power to discern this was quickly taken away, for my faculties were soon held in great suspension. It seemed to me there were angels above the canopies of the stalls in the back and above the front stalls; although they were not in corporeal form, for this was an intellectual vision.

She remained for the whole of the Salve, and she told me; "You were indeed right in placing me here; I shall be present in the praises they give my Son, and I shall offer these praises to Him."

After this I remained in the kind of prayer I now have, that of keeping my soul present with the Blessed Trinity. And it seemed to me that the Person of the Father drew me to Himself and spoke very pleasant words. Among them, while showing me what He wanted, He told me: "I gave you My Son, and the Holy Spirit, and this Blessed Virgin.  What can you give Me?"
The Spiritual Testimonies, No. 21

Note:  The statue St. Teresa placed in the stall was an image of  Our Lady of Clemency. This statue held the keys to the monastery in its hands.

Prayer Vigil with Priests on the eve of Solemnity of the Most Holy Heart of Jesus
Saint Peter's Square, 10 June 2010.

Peace be with you!
Rosemarie, ocds

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