Thursday, January 26, 2012

Carmelite Quote

Photo: R. Massaro-Regina Health Center Richfield, Oh.
 I often undergo this scattering of the faculties; sometimes I understand clearly that my lack of physical health has much to do with it. I frequently recall the harm original sin did to us; this is the source, I think, of our being incapable of enjoying so much good in an integral way. And my own sins must be a cause; if I hadn't committed so many, I would be more integrated in good.

I also suffered another great trial. Since it seemed that I understood all the books I read that treat of prayer and that the Lord had already given me such favors, I thought I had no need of these books and so did not read them but read only lives of the saints. Since I felt so lacking in the ways they served God, reading about them seemed to benefit and encourage me. I thought it showed very little humility to think I had attained these favors of prayer, and since I couldn't bring myself to think otherwise, it grieved me very much until learned men and the blessed Friar Peter of Alcantara told me not to worry about it. I see clearly  that I haven't begun to serve God--although His Majesty grants me favors as He does to many good people--and that I am imperfection incarnate, except in desires and in loving; in these latter I see clearly that the Lord has favored me so that I might serve Him in something. It really seems to me that I love Him, but my works and the many imperfections I see in myself sadden me.

The Book of Her Life, Chap. 30, No. 17

Peace be with you!
Rosemarie, ocds

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