Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tabernacle of the Week

St. Anne Church
Rittman, Ohio

Established: 1855
Cluster Parish of St. Mary, Wooster, Ohio 
and St. Agnes, Orrville, Ohio

Prayer of John Paul II to Saint Anne
Good Saint Anne, I have come to honour you and invoke you with all these pilgrims in the Shrine of Beaupre. Since the beginning of the Church in Canada, many people have experienced the effect of your power and kindness.

O Good Saint Anne, faithful witness to the expectation of the Lord’s coming, you watched tenderly over Mary, who was to become the Mother of our Saviour and of us all. Through its history, you have been the Protectress, the Patroness, a Bulwark of the Church of Quebec.

Extend your kindness to the Church of today. May everyone, forever proud of their culture and faith, experience an authentic encounter with God and all the others for whom Christ is the only way.

 Quebec, Canada

Peace be with you!

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