Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday of the Year for Priests

Now between 1827 and 1859--despite the skepticism of the times--the little village church of Ars was always full. As early as 1828, pilgrims came thick and fast. Monsieur le Cure, Catherine Lassagne once said to her pastor, the other missionaries run after sinners, even into foreign lands. But with you, it is the sinners who run after you!
This fascination of a single man, toward whom vast crowds converged for thirty years, is perhaps unique in the history of man and in the annals of the Church. In any event the total context of Ars was unique, for it was a prodigious brew of miracles and satanic infestations, of seething crowds and modest ordinary lives, and above all a place habitually immersed in the realm of the supernatural.
Here is how one good man expressed his reaction to Father Monnin: "Before I came to Ars, before I saw the good Father, I found it hard to believe all that I read in the lives of the saints. Many things seemed impossible to me. Now I believe everything because I have seen all these things and still more with my own eyes."
From The Remarkable Cure of Ars, by Michele de Saint Pierre

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