Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday in the Year for Priests

One Sunday evening, Father Monnin relates, several young girls--and "not the most fervent ones"--had remained in the church after Vespers. The Cure of Ars was in the choir as usual. He glanced out at them and said to himself:
"This time I have them. Here is my Confraternity of the Rosary already full-blown!"
He came up to the girls.  "My children," he said to them, "we shall recite the rosary together to ask the Blessed virgin to obtain for you the grace of doing well what you are going to do."
He started the prayers, and the little band made the responses. It was as simple as that. Several of them were converted that evening...
From the Remarkable Cure of Ars by Michel de Saint Pierre
photo: Fr. James Flood saying Mass at St. Edward Nursing Home in Akron, Ohio

pastor of St. Sebastian Church
Akron, Ohio

Peace be with you!

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