Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday of Our Lady

On that first Christmas night there was no Gospel, no New Testament, no supportive Christian community of believers, no Church or Tradition, no great Christian minds like Augustine or Aquinas to inerpret the marvelous events.
Alone, Mary faced the great mystery that had come into her life. This young woman--hardly more than a girl--was about to give birth to a child. She rode a donkey beside Joseph as they traveled from Nazareth, down toward Jerusalem,and beyond to Bethlehem. While Joseph helped Mary on the long road, he couldn't help her with the mystery, the child and the new direction to her life. He could only believe, trust and stand ready with his love.
Excerpt from Mary, the First Disciple, by Bishop Thomas J. Grady
Photo: Window in St. Peter Church Mansfield, Ohio

Video reflection on today's readings

Peace be with you!

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