Sunday, February 7, 2016


Photo: R. Massaro-St. Luke Church Danville, Ohio

St. Teresa's Prayer from Chapter 4 
on the Meditation on the Song of Songs:

Oh, my Lord, my Mercy, and my Good! And what greater good could I want in this life than to be so close to You, that there be no division between You and Me? With this companionship, what can be difficult? What can one not undertake for You, being so closely joined? What is there in me to be grateful for, my Lord? Rather, I must blame myself very much for my failure to serve You. and thus I beg You, with St. Augustine, and with full determination, that You give me what you command and command what You will. Never, with Your favor and help, will I turn my back on You.

Now I see, my Bridegroom, that You are mine. I cannot deny it. You came into the world for me; for me you underwent severe trials; for me you suffered many lashes; for me You remain in the most Blessed Sacrament; and now You grant me so many wonderful favors. Well then, O most holy bride, with what ardor I have said what you say: What can I do for my Spouse?

Editor's Note:
This class was recorded at one of our monthly Carmelite Meetings in which we were studying St. Teresa of Avila's Meditation on the Song of Songs.  This is the class I presented on Chapter 4 in which St. Teresa speaks of the Prayer of Union and the Prayer of Quiet. These gifts of mystical prayer are given to the bride (the soul) who has been faithful to vocal prayer and meditation.  I hope you are blessed by this lesson.

Let us pray for each other!

Rosemarie, ocds

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