Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday of Our Lady

In the silence of the hills Mary came at Lourdes, and so much of the story of her visits is wrapped in a mysterious silence. The apparitions began and ended in silence "In the silence of the soul" said St. John of the Cross, "God makes himself heard." In the soul of Bernadette there was a calm peace that never deserted her, and made her utterly receptive of the Lady's word...

Prayer begins with listening, and Bernadette was a good listener. Every word of the message she received resounded in the depths of her soul. Not a detail of those words was lost. After the Lady had gone, this child moved into a world of deep unbroken silence; she went her way treasuring and pondering the words in her heart.

A pilgrimage is an invitatin to silence. "Try to maintain silence in your souls, "said Pope Pius XII, "and you will be able to contemplate the splendours realized in Mary."

Immacualte Virgin, grant me something of that silence full of love and peace which always filled your soul. Make my ear always attentive to God's word, and may your message to Bernadette resound in the silence of my heart so that I may be drawn by prayer and penance close to your Divine  Son.  Amen.
(Pilgrims With Mary, John Moloney, P.P. )

Peace be with you!
Rosemarie, ocds

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