Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday of Our Lady

Cathedral of the Incarnation
Nashville, TN

An excerpt from "Pilgrims with Mary" by John Maloney, PP:

Of all the flowers the rose has been acclaimed as the fairest. We stand back lost in admiration before its sheer beauty. In fashioning it the Divine Artist seems to have put into it  something of his own perfection. It has a fragrance all its own.

No wonder it became the emblem to describe Mary, the Mystical Rose, the one fair flower in the garden of God that had not been blighted by sin.  She was the only flower that responded to all the watering  and sheltering  He lavished on his garden.  The fragrance of the first creation  had faded;  sin had tarnished the bloom  But she alone remained fresh , unsullied and lovely as in the moment  she came from the hand of her Creator She was the rose  planted by the rivers of water who bore fruit. To compare her to the fairest of flowers was the effort of human imagining to describe what made her  the fairest of women.

Her Immaculate Conception gave her a beauty and fragrance that filled the world...

Peace be with you!
Rosemarie, ocds

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