Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday in the Year for Priests

(anointing with holy chrism)

...Another time, I brought to Ars one of my nephews who had been suffering from a very serious cancerous infection for six years, Monsieur le cure greeted him and said: 'My friend, let us quickly heal the soul; then you will go to Lyons to be operated on. St. Philomena will guide the operation and everything will turn out for the best. You will certainly be cured. Dr. Bariller, the surgeon at the Hotel-Dieu, performed the operation. Two weeks later, the patient...was attending to his affairs with the greatest energy. He is now enjoying perfect health.
From the Remarkable Cure of Ars, by Michele de Saint Pierre

A holy Redemptorist priest
Miracle of healing attributed to

Peace be with you!

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