Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Stained-Glass Flowers: Little Accounts of the Miraculous

Photo: R. Massaro
From the Life of St. Teresa of Jesus (Avila):

Once, while I was holding the cross in my hand, for I had it on a rosary, He took it from me with His own hands; when He gave it back to me, it was made of four large stones incomparably more precious than diamonds--there is no appropriate comparison for supernatural things. A diamond seems to be something counterfeit and imperfect when compared with precious stones that are seen there. The representation of the five wounds was of very delicate workmanship. He told me that from then on I would see the cross in that way; and so it happened, for I didn't see the wood from which it was made but these stones. No one, however, saw this except me.

Photo: R. Massaro Our Lady of Lourdes
Lourdes, France
When I began to try to obey the command to reject and resist these favors, there was a much greater increase in them. In seeking to distract myself, I never got free from prayer. It even seemed to me that I was in prayer while sleeping. There was an increase of love and of the loving complaints I was addressing to the Lord; the pain became unbearable, nor was it in my power to stop thinking of Him no matter how much I tried and even though I wanted to...
The Book of Her Life Chap. 29, No. 7

Peace be with you!
Rosemarie, OCDS

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