Thursday, January 15, 2015


St. Teresa of Jesus (Avila):

I sometimes experienced, as I said, although very briefly, the beginning of what I will now speak about. It used to happen, when I represented Christ within me in order to place myself in His presence, or even while reading, that a feeling of the presence of God would come upon me unexpectedly so that I could in no way doubt He was within me or I totally immersed in Him. This did not occur after the manner of a vision. I believe they call the experience "mystical theology." The soul is suspended in such a way that it seems to be completely outside itself. The will loves; the memory, it seems to me, is almost lost. For, as I say, the intellect does not work, but it is as though amazed by all it understands because God desires that it understand with regard to the things His Majesty represents to it, that it understands nothing.

Before this, I felt very habitually a tenderness that, it seems to me, can in part be acquired, a favor that is neither entirely of the senses nor entirely spiritual. Everything is given by God, but it seems we can help a great deal to receive this tenderness by considering our lowliness and the ingratitude we have shown toward God, the many things He did for us, His Passion with such heavy sorrows, His life so afflicted, and by delighting in the sight of His works, His grandeur, how He loves us, and in the many other things that those who truly want to improve spiritually are often able to find all around them, even though they do not seek to do so deliberately. 
The Book of Her Life-Chap. 10, 1-2

Peace be with you!
Rosemarie of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, ocds

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