Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Path of Light-A year on Pilgrimage with St.Teresa of Jesus

Words of Wisdom from St. Teresa:

In this excerpt, St. Teresa refers to her previous writings in which she tells us that she found more freedom to serve God by giving up friends and relatives which "tire me very much." She continues on this theme of spiritual freedom in a letter she wrote from St. Joseph's at Avila in 1563.  She tells us to attach ourselves to the Cross and to place our trust in God to prevent us from falling into sin.

It is a little more or less than nine months ago that I wrote the above, which is in my own handwriting. Since then, not turning back from the favors God granted me, it seems to me I have received again, insofar as I understand, much greater freedom. Up until now, I thought I needed others, and I had more trust in help from the world. Now, I understand clearly that all this help is like little sticks of dry rosemary and that in being attached to it there is no security; for when some weight of contradiction or criticism comes along, these little sticks break. So I have experience that the true remedy against a fall is to be attached to the cross and trust in Him who placed Himself upon it. I discover that He is the true friend, and through this friendship I find in myself a dominion by which it seems to me I could resist, providing God doesn't fail me, anyone who might be against me.

Though now I understand this truth so clearly, I used to be very fond of being liked. No longer does being liked matter to me; rather, it seems in part to weary me, except in the case of those with whom I discuss my soul or whom I am thinking of helping...

In the very severe trials and persecutions and opposition I experienced these past months, God has given me great courage; and the greater these trials were the greater was the courage, without my growing tired of suffering. Toward persons who spoke evil of me, not only did I feel I bore no harsh feelings but it seemed to me I gained new love for them. I don't know how this came about; it was a blessing given by the hand of the Lord.

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Peace be with you!
Rosemarie of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, ocds

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