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St. Teresa of Jesus of the Andes to Rev. Mother 
Sister Angelica Teresa of the Blessed Sacrament
September 18, 1918

Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity
I had really wanted to write to you as soon as I received your affectionate letter, which I enjoyed so much, as I did the picture of Elizabeth of the Trinity you sent me.

You can't imagine how well your letters are attuned to my needs and the great joy they bring me, especially your latest one where you tell me that there's an "opening" for this poor and miserable girl in that very dear dovecote. How I thanked my Lord from the bottom of my soul when I read the lines that brought me this happiest of news. Believe me, I feel exiled here in the world, amidst so many dangers, and long to see myself already in that little convent, an eternal prisoner of Our Lord; and I have no other thought, desire or occupation that is not directed to Him.

St. Teresa of Jesus of the Andes had a mystical experience in which she was given the knowledge that she would die soon; "within 30 days" as she explained it to her confessor. 

She contracted typhus and died at the age of 19-one month after she confided her experience to her confessor. She was canonized by Pope John Paul II on March 21, 1993. 

Here is a clip from the film on the life of St. Teresa of the Andes that has been shown on EWTN. In this scene, St. Teresa's sister Rebecca is filled with sadness as her dear sister enters Carmel. Later, Rebecca will experiences her own call to Carmel and enter the same monastery after the death of her sister.

Peace be with you!
Rosemarie of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, ocds

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