Saturday, December 21, 2013


Sorrowful Mother Shrine-Bellevue, Ohio

An Excerpt from Catherine de Hueck Doherty's Poustinia

Mary was the still one, the quiet one, the recollected one. She didn't speak much for she was also the listening one, and that is why she could keep so many of his words in her heart.

The still ones, the listening ones, are the children of the Father, and do his will. Mary was the mother of the Son, the daughter of the Father, and the spouse of the Holy Spirit. Yes, she was the listening, the praying, the still one and therefore she saw God. Yes, Mary quite definitely must have seen God in many ways. Often darkly, as in the glass; perhaps occasionally in a blinding revelation or love. But this is speculation. What isn't speculation is that she followed Christ in his passion...

Mary enters into this marriage of love and passion which the Lord accepted and through which he redeemed us. Pure of heart, she saw God. She followed him, her Son, right to the foot of the cross, and beyond to his grave. Hers was a com-passion. She shared his passion not only in a physical way but also in a spiritual, emotional, and deeply tragic way.

As I sat at Mary's feet and watched her with the eyes of my heart, I realized that a fantastic question had been presented to her. It took faith to accept that first announcement of the angel which told her that she was full of grace and that God would be born of her. Mary had that faith. Of her own free will she accepted to be the mother of the Messiah...

I remembered that many had asked me what compassion was. Now I felt that I was ready to tell them. It was Mary. Mary who experienced the passion of her Son as no one else experienced it. 

Peace be with you!
Rosemarie, ocds

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