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Photo: R. Massaro-St. Michael Byzantine Church Akron, Ohio
How it was revealed to Elijah and his disciples that the Virgin Mary would be born pure and without stain of sin.

After the members of this Order were baptised by the apostles and taught the words of the holy gospels, they fully understood that the mystery which had been revealed to the prophet Elijah by God on Mount Carmel had been fulfilled. ...Now, from the place on Mount Carmel where the servant climbed up to the top of the mountain from where he could see the sea, there were ten terraces. The servant having climbed up once and looked toward the sea, Elijah commanded him, as was said, to return seven times up those same terraces and look towards the sea. And, on the seventh time,which, however, was the eighth time of looking, the servant saw " a little cloud like a man's foot, rising from the sea" to Carmel. And Elijah said to him: "Go and tell Ahab, harness your chariot and go down, lest the rain prevent you.' And while they turned themselves this way and that, behold the sky grew dark with clouds and wind, and heavy rain began to fall.

What pledge of future events, apart from its historic occurrence, that vision intrinsically contained; and what great mystery God intended to convey through it to the prostrate Elijah, Elijah himself deigned to reveal, not openly to everyone, but secretly to his companions. From them, we hold that God revealed to Elijah through the details of this vision, at that time, four great mysteries, which I shall explain in order. First, that a certain baby girl would be born, who from her mother's womb would be free from all stain of sin. Second, the time when this would be fulfilled. Third, that this child would dedicate herself to perpetual virginity after the example of Elijah. Fourth, that God, joining his nature with human kind, would be born of that virgin.

The Ten Books on the Way of Life and Great Deeds of the Carmelites by Felip Ribot, O. Carm.

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