Saturday, August 31, 2013


Photo: R. Massaro(c)2013SpiritSinging
Rosary Basilica Lourdes, France


My child, how pleased I am with your desires! For zeal for God's glory must always mark the true Christian.

It is as necessary for a Christian as the love from which it springs.

Many consider it a mark of apostolic men alone; in fact, however, it must characterize every state. All Christians are obliged to win hearts to God through good example and appropriate advice, through words of comfort to the afflicted, and above all, through prayer.

Frequently the conversion of a sinner is due to the sighs a zealous soul, unknown to the world, raises to God in solitude.

At certain moments of fervor you long to be among the pagans and to be toiling for their conversion. Holy desires, yes, but necessarily ineffective! You are looking far off for something quite near you.

Your duty is to glorify God by consoling the poor, instructing the ignorant, raising your children as pious Christians, fulfilling the obligations of your state, and leading others to fulfill theirs.

Think of your neighbor's salvation and bear always in mind that for his sake Jesus gave his life.

Many Christians will be punished for having neglected the good they could have done and for not having prevented the sins of others when they could have.

If you love the Lord, my child, you cannot better prove your love than by making others bless and love Him.

God has so few good servants! Give him the joy, not only of being glorified in you, but also seeing you use all the means your circumstances offer to glorify Him.
The Imitation of Mary, Bk. 3, Chap. 14, Pg. 244

Peace be with you!
Rosemarie, ocds

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