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Prayer to St. Anthony

St. Anthony of Padua-The "Wonder Worker"

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St. Anthony Shrine Canfield, Ohio

Doctor of the Church (Evangelical Doctor)
(August 15, 1195-June 13, 1231)
Other Titles: Ark of the Testament
                    Hammer of Heretics
                     Professor of Miracles

St. Anthony's Sermon to the fish:

...He was striving hard to eradicate the errors from that city, and to bring back the heretics to the true fold: but although they were convinced by his arguments, and at the same time confused, they still remained obstinate, and, proudly despising his doctrines, did not want to hear him. The saint did not lose courage, but armed with faith and full of zeal for the Church of God, and for the salvation of those unhappy people, he went toward the place where the river Marecchia flows into the sea, and here, after having called men to hear him, at the same time called the fishes, addressing them thus: "Come, O fishes of the sea and of the river, to hear the divine Word, which perfidious and obstinate men despise to hear."

No sooner had he addressed them than fishes of every kind appeared in large numbers with their heads out of the water. It really was a grand sight to see them disposed in such beautiful order, according to their species, quality and size, the smaller ones near the shore and the larger ones at a greater distance, and they remained immovable, as if they were waiting to hear the divine Word. The saint, seeing them thus gathered, began his sermon. He explained to them, by passages of the Sacred Scriptures, the many benefits which they had received from their Creator. He said that He had assigned to them as their habitation the vast and noble element of water; that He had prepared for them in the water places to take refuge from tempests and other dangers; that He had made the water clear and transparent, in order that they might be able to see where to go; that He had provided for them the necessary food for their nourishment; that in the universal deluge He had preserved them from perishing, and distinguished them also by various privileges; since Jonah, being thrown into the sea, was saved by a fish, so that he should execute the command of God to preach to the Ninivites; that Jesus Christ proved his poverty and that of St. Peter by paying tribute to Caesar with a piece of money found in the mouth of a fish; that He partook of fish before entering into heaven, to show by it His resurrection and his true humanity. For these and many other things he impressed on them the necessity of thanking their celestial Benefactor.

As if gifted with understanding they applauded the holy preacher by bending their heads, seeming to approve what he was saying, as as if they knew the obligations they were under for the benefits they had received from God' and they did not go away until the saint gave them his blessing.


Litany of the Lost

Lord have mercy. Lord have mercy.
Lord have mercy. Lord have mercy.
Lord have mercy. Lord have mercy.
For those of us who have lost...
  • our health,
  • our peace of mind,
  • our housing,
  • our financial security,
  • a loved one,
  • our dreams,
  • our talents,
  • our initial zeal,
  • our sobriety,
  • our faith,
  • our self-respect,
  • our perspective,
  • our innocence,
  • our independence,
  • peace within our families,
  • civil peace,
  • our trust in others,
  • our virtue,
  • our home
Lamb of God,
You take away the sins of the world,
have mercy on us.
Let us pray,
All loving God,
You have given us St. Anthony,
the patron of the lost,
as an intercessor of those
who are in need of your mercy.
Listen to his voice,
as he calls out to You
on our behalf,
and grant those things
which will help us grow
in Your love.
We ask this
through Christ our Lord.

Peace be with you!
Rosemarie, ocds

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