Monday, March 11, 2013

He is Here
By Charles Peguy

St. Edward Church Ashland, Ohio

He is here.
He is here as on the first day.
He is here among us as on the day of his death.
He is here forever among us just as much as on the first day.
For every day.
He is here among us all the days of his eternity.
His body, that same body of his, hangs on the same cross;
His eyes, those same eyes of his, quiver with the same tears;
His blood, the same blood of his, bleeds from the same wounds;
His heart, that same heart of his, bleeds with the same love.
The same sacrifice causes the same blood to flow.
A parish shone with an everlasting brightness, but all the parishes shine eternally, for in all the parishes there is
 the body of Jesus Christ.
The same sacrifice crucifies the same body, the same sacrifice causes the same blood to flow.
The same sacrifice offers up the same flesh, the same sacrifice sheds the same blood.
The same sacrifice sacrifices the same flesh and the same blood.
It is the same story, exactly the same, eternally the same, which happened in that time and in that country and
which happens on all days in all days of all eternity.
In all the parishes in all Christendom.

Nativity Church, Akron, Ohio

Peace be with you!
Rosemarie, OCDS

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