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From her cell in the infirmary, the 14th of August, 1906, Elizabeth of the Trinity announces to Mother Marie of Jesus,(the Prioress) that tomorrow evening she will begin her annual retreat. She knows all too well it is the last one:

Photo:R.Massaro (C)SpiritSinging2012

Lourdes, France
I am delighted to meet you on my great journey. I leave with the Blessed Virgin on the eve of her Assumption to prepare myself for eternal life. Our Mother (Mother Germaine) did me so much good by telling me that this retreat would be my novitiate for Heaven, and that on the 8th of December (fifth anniversary of her clothing), if the Blessed Virgin sees that I am ready, she will clothe me in her mantle of glory. Beatitude attracts me more and more; between my Master and me that is all we talk about, and His whole work is to prepare me for eternal life.

Peace be with you!
Rosemarie, ocds

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