Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday of Our Lady

Photo: R. Massaro Most Pure Heart of Mary Shelby, Ohio

My child, if you love the Lord, you will also love your neighbor for whose sake He came down from heaven, became a man, and offered His own life on the Cross.

Do not be satisfied with sentiments; let your love take concrete form. Many who are afflicted need the comfort of your words; many who are unhappy need the help of your generous gifts.

God has allowed many people to be unhappy in this world so that they might achieve holiness through their suffering and you through your charity.

Be ready to give all the help you can. Delay always means the loss of some of love's merit.

Let your love be generous and extend as far as possible.

To limit the service you offer your neighbor is to evade rather than carry out the duties of love.

When you yourself cannot help your neighbor, then try to bring others to help him, or at least invoke the Lord's providential care over him.

See in your neighbor not a mere man but God Himself. Then, no matter who asks your help, you will refuse him nothing, because you do not want to refuse it to the Lord...

Give the afflicted a consoling word, Then the God of all consolation (2 Cor 1,3) will sustain you in your own afflictions by His powerful grace.
The Imitation of Mary Book I, Chapter 21

Peace be with you!
Rosemarie, OCDS

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