Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday in the Year for Priests

At Mass on the first Sunday after Father Vianney's arrival, practically the entire parish came to church. A few persons had already caught a glimpse of the new pastor, but that morning everybody examined him with curiosity.

The first thing they noticed about him was that he was not very tall, that he wore peasant shoes, and that his cassock was of coarse cloth. Then they saw him at the altar. There his awkward gestures were transformed into a sort of unexpected majesty, and already a few of the parishioners sensed that here was a man of unprecedented fervor and zeal...People began to say: "Have you noticed our new pastor? How fervently he prays! How devout he is! He is not an ordinary man. There is something extraordinary about him..."
From the Remarkable Cure of Ars by Michele de Saint Pierre

How beautiful it is, how great it is to know, love and serve God! That is all we have to do in this world. Beyond that, eveything we do is just a waste of time.
St. John Vianney

Peace be with you!

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