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Stained Glass Flowers-Little Accounts of the Miraculous


The Carmelite Martyrs of Compiegne:
Sign from Heaven

In 1794 sixteen Carmelite nuns were led to the scaffold during the French Revolution and there met their deaths of holy martyrdom. One of the martyrs, Sr. Anne Pelleras had a brother who experienced the following incident:

Later that evening the brother of one of the martyrs, Sr. Anne Pelleras, a notary, returned home. As he entered the dark hall he noticed a light shining on the wall, a light that followed him up the stairway. As he entered the room where his wife awaited him she asked what was the light that surrounded him. He turned round to see a bright globe that faded gradually. The next day, when he heard of the execution of his sister, he realized that she had been permitted to give this sign of her entry into glory.
From the Carmel Clarion, Volume XX, No. 2

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