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Seven Songs of the Spirit-First Song: Wisdom

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St. Charles Borromeo Church-Parma, Ohio

"No one can say 'Jesus is Lord', except by the Holy Spirit" St. Paul I Cor 12:3

Seven Songs of the Spirit: Wisdom, Counsel, Fortitude, Piety, Knowledge, Understanding, Fear of the Lord.

First Song: WISDOM

Wisdom is the highest gift imparted by the Spirit. St. Bernard tells us that " It is the supernatural Gift of the Holy Spirit which enables us to know God and to rejoice in perfect love." Wisdom enlightens the mind and inflames the heart with love for God.

In the song, "Hail Mary, Gentle Woman", we sing in supplication to Our Lady to, "Teach us the Wisdom of God." She who is full of grace,  full of virtue, the sinless spouse of the Holy Spirit, is indeed the Blessed One we can call upon for the Spirit of Wisdom.

Mary, the first disciple, showed us how to rejoice in the Lord. Often, her Magnificat is remembered as a one-time event that she proclaimed during her visit to Elizabeth. But Our Lady’s Magnificat will be sung throughout time and eternity; Her hymn of praise will never be silenced. Our Lady eternally sings in the Spirit, "My Soul Magnifies the Lord..." When we give ourselves totally to Mary we enter into the chapel of her soul, as St. Louis Marie de Montfort instructs us to do and join in her hymn of praise. With Mary, we sing a blessed and glorious hymn of love inspired by the Spirit of Wisdom to the Most Holy Trinity.

Secular Carmelites are called to imitate the Virgin Mary, who pondered the Word in her heart.

Our Rule states:

The Blessed Virgin Mary holds a particular place in the life of a Carmelite. She is, first of all, his model of fidelity to grace and constancy in God’s service. She is also Mother of the whole Order, which enjoys her special patronage. The Secular Carmelite’s interior life must be permeated by an intense devotion to Our Lady. Exteriorly, too, he will honor her daily by some particular act, and by wearing the brown Scapular of Carmel.

Our vocation of prayer and contemplation on behalf of the Church is a gift of the Holy Spirit.

Our Lady, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, help us to sing the Wisdom of God!

Peace be with you!
Rosemarie, OCDS

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